Getting a New Perspective

Today I spent some time with the staff of Sanctus Media thinking about how it feels to be "Cheesed Off" I think some of us were cheesed off before we started. You see we were preparing for the January theme of Sanctuary First. The good thing was when we wee finished we were all a lot happier. the mood in the office had changed. We started to think about the things that "cheese us off" for the most part we could see that too often it is usually one of the following five areas. Work, family, Church, Life and God. We came to the conclusion that the way to mend the blues was to find a new perspective on the things that are weighing us down. So I'm going to be thinking about shaping a service around the title " Cheesed off - Get a new Perspective ! I think that is what jesu was about. He was continually calling people to see things from a different place. Jesus invites us to see the possibilities in our lives. Too often all we can se are the negative things. Taking time out to think about others can be the beginning of a change of attitude. Why not take a moment and discover that God is offering all of us the opportunity to bring his Kingdom in here on earth. Remember all over the world there are people in prison because they have stood up for justice and equality. take a moment to check out the Amnesty International web site. I think when we start to think and pray for others in tragic circumstances we discover perhaps our situation is not nearly so bad. the picture above is from the transept on the West side of the church. It is certainly worth a visit.
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