Go on make church a happy place.

I'm hoping to get a new picture up on the blog maybe this week. But you know something they tell me its going to snow tonight. So maybe `I should wait another week. Its good to begin to hear feedback about the Lenten Groups that started up and also that others are finding the texting service encouraging. I've been thinking we need to make church a welcoming and engaging experience. So I'm thinking about offering coffee and doughnuts to the congregation as they come in on a Sunday and making iit available all through the service. You want a coffee you get up and pour one out. I know it happens in other cultures . I wonder what our people in St As would make of it? I'm convinced that we all need to enjoy our lives more as Christians. Discipleship is not just about struggling with the struggle. Surely its also about enjoying the company of the people God brings into our lives. Its often as we journey together struggling together that our lives are sharpened and honed by each other's trials and disappointments. I'm kind of turning lent on its head this year encouraging everyone in the congregation to get involved with a little bit of hospitality. I'm looking forward to Sunday evening this week. We're going to base out evening service around food hospitality good stories and friendship. I'm also going to use Michele Guinesss's book entitled "The Heavenly Party" I think there has been a lot of sad things happened to friends in the congregations and its worth making church a place of celebration and joy. So if your up for recovering a fun filled life changing experience be at church this Sunday evening. Better still if you want to bring a dish of food you'll be welcomed and even hugged.

Posted By: iTalker   On: 7 Mar 2009   At: 5:34pm

I think this is a bit scary Jenn. Just a moment ago I was thinking on you and thought. I’ve not seen Jenn at church for a few weeks. The next thing you post on the blog? How Weird or what is that?


Posted By: Jenn   On: 7 Mar 2009   At: 5:29pm

i think this sounds like a great approach to warming the church atmoshphere. Ive been crazy in glasgow with uni work so going to a church here right now but missing the small community style of st andrews!and i have to admit, the prospect of getting my morning coffee at church(that i normally miss on a sun as i run out to church) makes me want to come back when i hand in my dissertation just that little but more!:)

thanks for never stopping to try to move and improve things albert!


Posted By: Maggie Lane   On: 5 Mar 2009   At: 9:27pm

Now your talking this is my kind of service so sorry to have miised out on the hospitality, coffee hugs and donuts….Albert you’re not getting all fuzzy on us are you…


Posted By: Carl   On: 5 Mar 2009   At: 4:04pm

Starbucks meets St. Andrew’s ... swap doughnuts for bacon rolls and the place would be packed out!


Posted By: James Hogg   On: 5 Mar 2009   At: 10:04am

“Discipleship is not just about struggling with the struggle” No it isn’t we should support one and other. Galatians 6:2


Posted By: italker   On: 5 Mar 2009   At: 12:30am

Stewart we do indeed.


Posted By: Stewart Goudie   On: 4 Mar 2009   At: 10:14pm

I agree 100%. If the conference is not too stressful then you might even see me there! Do you have sofas yet?

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