God's Protest

Street protest Do you know-God Protested! He'd had enough. He looked at the way the world was and is and will be. (Well God can do that sort of thing.) And he said, that's it they've gone too far they've stretched the limit they're unbelievable! He overheard, preachers, prophets, politicians, all talking about peace but each fighting their own personal war. God said I'm going to Protest. Look at the greed, look at the hurt, look at the lies, look at the shame. They've all missed the point. Lost the plot. Forgotten the plan. That's it, the world is burst it's my ball. So God protested. He cried. tears of anger tears of sadness tears of pain tears of love. Just like a rainbow. and God's protest was ignored. So God decided on another protest. He used words spoken and written by prophets, poets, and ordinary people. Still his protest fell on deaf ears it wasn't heard it was drowned out by the noise of other voices. Then God made his final protest. He took to the streets he came into the world Himself He took it all into himself. The sin, the Water, the Spirit, the flesh, the baby, the man, the cross. the resurrection. He did it all in protest, out of love, and called it, REDEMPTION!
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