Good Friday - Communion on the street?

There is something quite dynamic and subversive in taking the bread and the wine into the streets. Of course not everyone will agree with me. There will be those quite shocked at the idea. This kind of bread and wine cannot be given away cheaply they will argue. Using Paul's admonition they will point to the great danger of eating and drinking the bread unworthily. Yet for me the people who partook were no different from those who come to share in the bread and within church. Others will say but the Communion must be proceeded by the preaching of the Word. This is a good example to follow but it is not laid down in scripture. [youtube][/youtube] What we were doing yesterday was exploring the powerful converting symbol of the bread and wine. Yes people walked by but others stopped and engaged and received the gift and were blessed. have a look at the video and let me know what you think. it would be great to see some post on this particular blog.

Posted By: Rachel Payling   On: 24 Apr 2011   At: 5:04am

Great stuff, I think Jesus would have taken it onto the streets - he spent his whole life out there with the people, taking the good news to them. That’s our calling too.


Posted By: Neil Graham   On: 23 Apr 2011   At: 11:50pm

Hi Albert

That’s awesome. Get the Gospel onto the streets, into the pubs, the clubs and on the football terraces. Take it to where the people are. Cracking. Church without walls doesn’t get much more practical than out on the streets. Brilliant stuff.



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