Grabbing Headlines

 headline.jpgThe last few days have been pretty busy as we begin the countdown to the CWW National Gathering. I've been trying my best to get publicity in the press and also on the radio. I'm grateful to the journalist who have written about the event. We've have coverage on a number of local radio stations, as well as a five minute slot on Radio Scotland's "Sally on Sunday" if you click here you can listen to the programme again but you need to wait for the last 5 minutes before the interview about the gathering comes on. (I think this link will remain live for about a week after the radio broadcast.) This week has been taken up with writing press releases and trying to get journalists interested in writing pieces about different aspects of the event. The truth is that its a bit of a lottery you have to keep on trying until someone eventually thinks this might fit our programme or this could make an interesting story. So keep praying.
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