Holy Woolies Goes For Prayer

[gallery]Someone met my wife on the street last week. "I hear Albert's bought Woolworth" was the comment. Funny how rumours can get around. It brought a smile to my face thinking about the first rumours of Jesus birth. Word was no doubt round the town that shepherds had seen angels and a baby had been born in a stable. For those who went to see I'm sure they were not disappointed. And I think those who turn up at our Woolworth Christmas Encounter will find themselves encountering the Word on the Street beyond the Shop Window - "God is with us". God is engaging with the idea of tranformation. Taking the derelect place and giving it meaning. I'd like to think that we as a church will never be the same again that we will be challenged to expand outside our present walls and become the Church on the Street the Church without Walls working with our friends and colleagues in other churches to be the authentic voice of Christ in the world. Here we go the church fights back and reclaims the commercial space and makes it a holy place. FAITH IN ACTION Lord, Word on the Street is Woolworth is open again Who could have guessed Its been Bo'nessed Blessed Back in business No one could have believed it Its a God Shock! Like the first Christmas God, you turn up in the everyday space The derelect street The disregarded place It becomes a palace Because of your presence No Santa Claus here No beard No ho ho cheer Just a bunch of very ordinary people Gathered in a store With an open door To tell an extra-ordinary story To bring glory To you the Almighty. O God, You do move in to the strangest of places And keep the weirdest company Saints and sinners Pentecostalists and Presbyterians Catholics and Anglicans Publicans and Bookies Shopkeepers and Road Sweepers Bus drivers and Broadcasters Your there for them all I guess that's the wonder of a Woolies this Christmas Your on the street .

Posted By: Lilias   On: 11 Dec 2009   At: 3:46pm

Nice thoughts Albert.

Can we, if its ok with the rest of the team, take the poem enlarge it and put it in Woolies window?  It sums up nicely the plan





Posted By: Duncan   On: 9 Dec 2009   At: 8:15am

Well done, Albert. Brilliant!

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