Hoon and Hewitt Red Faces All Round

[gallery]I just felt there was a touch of arrogance in the actions of Hoon and Hewitt as they stepped out into the light of the media. Here were two MPs full of their own importance. They were going to be the saviours of the Labour Party. It was their plan to have a leadership contests and remove the Prime Minister. They obviously thought they had more influence than they had in reality. In the end was it six MPs who gave them their support. These two politicans who take themselves so seriously have ended up like a couple of clowns sporting a couple of red faces. I don't know Gordon Brown, he doesn't have his enemies to seek but it seems to me that perhaps he is doing some things right? He may even be in good company! Was it not Jesus who once said, " Beware when all men speak good about you and take courage when they critise you remember in the same way they sought to stone the prophets of old. I just wonder if all this cloack and dagger stuff, this back stabbing,this mumping and groaning, from people who remain nameless, might end up working well for Mr Brown. Many people see the PM as an honest and descent man who has worked hard for his party and the country. No doubt he has made some huge mistakes but tell me a Prime Minister who hasn't ? It might just be that he ends up getting the under dogs vote. After all what has David Cameron actually got experience in when it comes to leading a country? One might also ask the same question of Hewitt and Hoon what outstanding contributions have these self appointed Labour Party saviours also achieved? I'm not a member of any political party and `I know Hoon and Hewitt have a right to their views. But you know what I destest disloyalty. It seems to me that this was all about people trying to save their own political skins. However did they really think they would have a party election for a new leader in post and an election called all within a five month period. I don't think so. All I say is don't let them grind you down Mr Brown.

Posted By: italker   On: 9 Jan 2010   At: 10:56pm

Thanks to Duncan MacPherson who passed on this link suggesting that italker’s views are substanciated by DR Who or David Tennant. Check it out on the BBC website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8449895.stm


Posted By: Gordon Kennedy   On: 7 Jan 2010   At: 12:56pm

Well said Albert. If it isn’t about saving their own political skins, it is about feathering their own political nests - and one is as bad as the other.

May the Lord raise up a generation of servant politicians.

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