HRH Princess Anne visits Amazon Hope

Here is the video of the Royal visit to Iquitos. I believe it was a great success. Amazon Hope 1 was hardly in the water again, after being extended by 10 metres, before the Royal visit took place. Princess Anne who has been an interested supporter in the project and has visited Amazon Hope 2 when it was in Plymouth in 2005 was delighted to make the journey to Peru to see for herself, at first hand, the work of the Vine Trust in partnership with Scripture Union. The Princess was full of admiration for the work that the Trust seeks to partner. Many thanks to Martin Bone for his video documenting the visit. Martin is married to Vanessa who is the Director of the medical programme in Iquitos. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] This particular visit was an important link in helping to secure the support of the Peruvian government for our work. It was also an opportunity to engage with a number of influencial people in the business community. As a Trust we believe it is not only important to secure funding and moral support from our partners in the UK and the USA. We believe it is crucial for the ongoing sustainability of our partnership that Peruvians also take ownership of this work. We are convinced that we are modelling alternative solutions to enable sustainable growth in these projects. It is our hope that one day the Peruvian experience will be transplanted to other countries.

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Sunday 8th. July 2007.

A great deal of action today.  AH1 lifted off floating dock blocks at 08.18 ( Peru time ).      It was the eleventh hour, and a bit more.  Still I am pleased to say it was a splendid undocking it lifted off the blocks ‘bang up right’  considering the unfinished state below the main deck.    On my request the permanent ballast was hurriedly put down the forward store space to reduce the trim.  The float off draughts for those interested were Aft 2.15m and Fwd 0.90m with a GM of 0.613m   I consider this very good and for Peter and Robert can I say there was no OF, FW, WB or extra P/ballast onboard.      The one down side for me is that Da Costa, the shipyard, has not yet extended the Prom. Deck.    I do believe that they ran out of time due to the HRH Princess Royal’s visit.  So in the next few days I have a bit of tough talking to do with them, because the sheer on this deck is now at the wrong place and we need a 10m level deck before the sheer begins.  There is a great deal of work still to be done so for you Lindsay I do not know when the Inclining will take place.  Having said all this, I give Da Costa full marks for a very good new section, especially the deck work.



Now to the Royal visit.  We spent about 3 hours dressing the ship overall including Scottish flag flying from the forward jack stay, the Peruvian flying on the main mast and the BAE Systems banner ( the one I took out) erected along the front of the Prom Deck rails.      HRH Princess Royal arrived by boat on time at 15.35.        I was privileged to meet her again for the second time under the banner of The Vine Trust and she talked with me for about 10 minutes with regards to what the extension and refit would mean to the health care of the peoples of the Amazon

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