I say Goodbye and Raj will say hello !

It's just turned 1.00pm and in the next 30 minutes Willie and I will be heading for the Airport. Thanks for the info James about the flights. We've been told that the Air France flight took off this morning a couple of hours late, however it won't effect us because I believe the strike is now over. The city links seemingly have not been affected. So we should arrive home as planned.

I was so good to receive your comments over the past week and I felt that many of you were uplifting us in your prayers and for this I'm truly thankful. I'm also glad that Lorna and Erica's parents got so much out of the live link between Bo'ness and Chennai. I'm just amazed at the two girls they have great determination and their faith has been growing fast during their world without walls travels. Let me tell you something really quite interesting. Those of you who read the blog regularly will notice a few posts ago I mentioned Arthur Blessitt. Well just for shear fun I googled his e-mail and sent off a greeting to him. Lo and behold a reply came back. Guess what he too is coming to India. The only difference is as I fly out he is flying in. So we won't meet. However, I've asked Raj to make contact. You never know what devine appointments God sets iTalker up to arrange. I'll keep you posted. If Raj is reading the blog he might keep us all posted. Tomorrow if I have time I write a bit about a fantastic project we visited this afternoon. It is a project seeking to rescue young girls from the sex trafficing trade. It is a poast well worth reading. There is alkso anoter posting which will be coming up about a visit we made to the tribal areas, and I'll be introducing you to a tribe that still seem to live in the prehistoric age. So keep your eyes peeled for the next few posting.

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