In search of a monster

Life as iTalker has been almost dead, I've not been writing a lot. I guess I've been a bit preoccupied with the CWW Planning.  Getting ready for 10,000 at Ingliston, is a monstrous task, so last week it was time for a rest. Time to chill out and do something different. So Mrs iTalker and myself went off in to the Highlands in search of the Loch Ness monster. The weather was bit cold when we started out but the last few days were pretty good and today was glorious as we headed home. We had a lovely cottage overlooking the river Ness, ideal for guys like ourselves looking for that one definitive picture. We made a really interesting visit to Urquhart Castle well worth a visit. Weurquhart.jpgmade a visit to Fort George. On Sunday I was the guest of Duncan MacPherson the minister at Hilton Church we had a great time there and encouraged that people are planning to be with us for the big event at Ingliston. In the evening I had the privilege to preach at the Old Kirk in Inverness and once again the message was responded to with enthusiasm. This week I plan to travel down to Largs to meet up with some of the ministers in that area to encourage them to participate in the  CWW Gathering. 
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