Indian Pete - The Scottish Anti Slave Hero

jack1.jpg Interesting to see how the new film Amazing Grace has caught the headlines. There are a number of interesting clips on the above web site worth looking at. The whole issue of slavery is something we should all be concerned about. Its not so much that we apologise for the deeds of past generations, its more important that we all do something about the situation today. All over the world people are being bought and sold into slavery. The Church Times has an interesting article. I know from the stories I've heard in peru the trade is literally worldwide. Its always the children who come off worst. Anyway I thought some of you might be interested to know that our studio team have just completed our latest commission from Learning Teaching Scotland. The film is to be used as part of the teaching materials to be used to show Scotland's roll in the whole slavery issue. It's the story of 'Indian Peter' a fascinating tale that gives a new insight into the whole issue of slavery here in Scotland. It wasn't just Africans that were sold into slavery. Did you know that thanks to the persistence of one called Peter Williamson, a group of traders were convicted and jailed. Williamson who was sold as a slave himself in 1728, and eventually found his way back to Scotland after a life of dangerous adventure and mishap in the colonies. It was Williamson who eventually uncovered in 1743 that over 600 children had been sold into slavery from the Port of Aberdeen including himself. Its a great story.Williamson ended up suing the the men who had kidnapped him, and became wealthy as a result. We hope to have a premier of our 12 minute movie within the next few weeks. I must say that we are indebited to Alec Shuttleworth who wrote the script and plays Peter and to young Jack his son for his part as young Peter. I also must say that Iain and Colin Jamieson have once again made a great soundtrack. Rae Manger our film editor has made a great wee movie. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put a trailer up. If I am, I'll do it one night next week.
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Posted By: Dianne   On: 10 May 2007   At: 11:13am

Can you please let me have more information regarding this film, ( where and when the premiere will take place? )or will I be able to find it on the LTS site?

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