Interrupted by a hen party

Here I am settling down to write my blog on the train from Edinburgh to Scarborough. What an interesting week has just past! On Monday I shared with you all the experience of taking the 21 Gun Salute at Edinburgh Castle. Then on Tuesday it was an afternoon at the Queen's Garden Party at Holyrood. I always seem to meet interesting people on these occasions. Tuesday was no exception. It's not always the famous people who are the most interesting. Then when it came to Wednesday I was given the privilege of preaching at Glasgow Cathedral at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Service. I've been encouraged by the comments I've had from people. Quite a number have remembered the three metaphors. The lamb upon the throne, the city and the river. In fact a girl on the train asked me if I was the Moderator because she had recognised me from the TV the day before. Well what can I say. The last three minutes have just changed the atmosphere in the train. We've arrived in Newcastle and guess what? My carriage has been invaded by a group of women all dressed in pink. Yes you've guessed it. We've been invaded by a hen party. I think this is the noisiest train I've ever been on. How can a group of twenty people make so much noise? Meanwhile Martha keeps her head down reading her book. I'll stop writing at the moment. My concentration has gone. I'm definitely sounding like grumpy old man. An hour later and on another train heading for Sarborough, my mood had changed. I was more contrite as I reflected on my thoughts. Dear Lord Forgive me. My eyes were closed, I was thinking. Reflecting; Getting ready to write, To say something profound. I wasn't expecting a noisy hen party. Trains are meant to take the strain; I could feel my mood change. I started to judge, to make assumptions, after all I was in the presence of fake tan, fake eyelashes, painted lips, scantily dressed women, drinking alcohol. I felt distinctively uneasy. The whole train looked on. The bride sat across from me neither of us had expected the other. There is no place to hide when you wear a clerical collar. The noise grew louder. Time past In slow motion, as the train rocked side to side. Eventually I ventured to speak, " so when and where is the wedding." I asked? "It's a civil ceremony Vicar," the girl said rather sheepishly, "but I'd like you to bless me you could do it now, if you want?" Lord, I'm sorry I had my eyes closed I didn't see the child behind the paint. I didn't see the person behind the make up. My eyes were closed, I was thinking, getting ready to write something profound. I wasn't expecting you to Talk to me through a noisy hen party!

Posted By: Helen   On: 9 Jul 2012   At: 7:15pm

Caught the moment perfectly.  Outrageous Grace innit like?!


Posted By: h   On: 9 Jul 2012   At: 6:55pm

That gave me a chuckle!

I can so visualise the train scene!

...and thank you for your lovely prayer too!


Posted By: Helmut   On: 9 Jul 2012   At: 1:09pm

Let us pray they will decide to give the cake of life an icing of faith!


Posted By: Helmut   On: 9 Jul 2012   At: 12:56pm

Albert, if you don’t mind, I will use this prayer for our church handouts.

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