Intransit wth Radiohead dreaming rainbows

October India Trip 2007 1052924.jpg Our flight from Edinburgh to Paris was delayed by about 40 minutes. It meant that we had barely enough time to get through he screening to board this flight however we made it. Just passing over Terhan, at this moment, we're about four and half hours into this flight and I'm listening to Radiohead's new album called "Rainbows". It was just about this time last July we got turned back mid-flight to Heathrow, due to problems with the operation of the aircraft, so I'm hoping history isn't repeated. I'm not sure what I think of this album. Yet,it has a much more hopeful feel to it, than some of their past compositions. It feels and sounds more self assured. Sometimes I think that it is a good idea when your not convinced one way or another about an album of music.You need to give it time. Its a bit like relationships with people. It takes time to get to know each other. I guess that is what this visit to India is all about. I'm also full of hope that good things will develop out of this visit. Anyway Radiohead are the first big established band to offer their album to the public with no price tab. You can download it for as little as a penny. Of course their loyal fans will buy the CD when it is released next month. Critics are saying that it has been a clever publicity stunt and one that will do them no harm. However I do feel Thom Yorke is pretty genuine about wanting to make a statement about music and its ownership. All this reminds me about the way we as Christians look upon music. I'm often saddened when Chrstian artists seem to have sold out to the publishing world of Christian music. Anyway I'm signing off. Maybe I might get some shut eye before we land.

Posted By: Carl   On: 6 Jun 2008   At: 9:46pm

You can listen to the new Coldplay album as of 8.30 this evening on My Space [] and the bbc have a track by track review to accompany []

Songs about religious quest, the idea of life being judged once it’s over and the contemplation of death.


Posted By: James Hogg   On: 24 Oct 2007   At: 8:09pm

I thought you might get delayed on the flight to CDG, it tends to get a slot every morning, i do hope Radiohead didn’t make you too depressed.

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