Is it a lampost a tree or a man's face?

I heard a story about a wee boy who visited a Presbyterian church for the first time. He had been used to worshipping as a Roman Catholic. On arrival in the church he asked his mother "What's happened to Jesus?" He was of course looking at an empty cross. For him it was the crucified Christ that he had been taught to meditate upon. Indeed the crucified Christ had dominated his thinking. many see this image as being destructive because it instills a feeling of guilt aeach time you attend church. While in the Presbyterian tradion it is the resurrected Christ that is seen as the most truth filled image. img_1527I guess it all depends on what you see when you look at something. For me the empty cross speaks of forgiveness and victory and it draws from me a sense of gratitude and wonder for all that Christ has accomplished. However I cannot deny that God's grace towards me was bought at a great price. I guess at the end of the day it is all about what you are seeing that helps you start believing. Last week I was out and about with my camera. When looking at some of the shots I ended up seeing a man's face in the above picture although it is actually a picture of a tree. or is a lampost? At the end of the day its all down to perception, or is it? Like so many theological paradoxes we can look one way and see and understand and yet look another way and see and understand. Yet we are able to hold two truths in tension. For example we say that God has choen us from the foundation of the world, yet we also believe that God has given us the ability to choose who we will sewrve. So which is right- both?
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