Is it nothing to you who pass by?

passby1.jpg So you want to know how Sunday evening's theme "Blood on the Street" worked out? Well, I'm glad I didn't abandon the idea of making a communion film. We produced three original little videos for the service, along with some additional footage we had from previous occasions. The focus of the service was around the struggle that is within us all, between right and wrong. There is an interesting little verse in Genesis 4.12 where evil is described as crouching at the door of our lives almost waiting to overpower us. Here is a prayer I wrote to reflect something of the struggle we all endure. This Christianity is serious stuff. It challenges every aspect of our being. A prayerful life brings us to the place where we are forced to reflect on our lives and the consequences our actions can have on others. Here is a clip from our service this evening. Click Here I think the idea of Jesus the warrior saviour makes a lot of sense to me. I know I have my own personal struggles, dealing with that part of me that would pull me down into the abyss. However to believe in my heart that the cross of Jesus is all about struggle,is a great encouragement to me. It was a costly struggle though, one in which he took on the forces of darkness. He stood and fought evil. He stood to fight for me. This idea to me is overwhelming. Here is a thought, the cross became a battlefield in which Jesus took on all the dominion of evil and defeated it. It is the resurrection that allows us to understand the cross in this light. If there was no resurrection then there is no forgiveness of sins. Now if sins can't be forgiven then we are all in a sorry state. For me the marvelous power of the gospel is that we can be forgiven, we are forgiven! For me the refreshing significance of all this is, I have been reminded that the cross belongs out on the street. Its real power is not hanging on a church wall but when it is out there in the world. It was there that the blood of Christ flowed. In the middle of a rubbish dump, while the world looked on and passed by; Jesus the saviour of the world fought for our redemption. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could encourage more ministers to take the bread and the wine out into the streets and remind the world that they have a Saviour. So lets encourage ministers all over Scotland to take to the streets this Good Friday and speak of the love that brought about' Blood on the Street" Hope you enjoy this video. The music took a while to find but it was worth waiting for it. CLICK HERE

Posted By: David Bunyan   On: 30 Mar 2007   At: 9:54pm

Video speaks volumes about our culture - the symbols are seen as meaningless - most pass by it seemed! For Anglicans, Catholics and I think Greek Orthodox, Good Friday is the only day of the year communion is not taken in the course of the day the Cross is the central focus. I wonder whether bread and wine on the streets on GF would be a distraction on a day where we want people to focus on the cross of their salvation! In a way I could see the powerful symbolism of taking bread and wine onto the streets any other day EXCEPT Good Friday!!! (My considered response my Lord Bishop!! DB)


Posted By: Liz Crumlish   On: 26 Mar 2007   At: 10:43pm


Stunning video - and music. Thanks for planting the seed. Will be out there on Good Friday with blood on the street.


Posted By: Jimmy McPhee   On: 26 Mar 2007   At: 4:22pm

For a church to go out into the street it must first be willing to welcome the street into the church and not many are willing to pay that price.

To me the world is a church or the Earth is a church wherever there is people that is your church.

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