Its Good to Say Thank You!

[gallery]Not that I was actually on holiday all of the time over the festive season, but I sort of got back to work today. It was strange going back into the church this morning seeing the tree without decorations and the church looking a little bit bare. So many people have worked so hard over the past few weeks to make Christmas 2009 a memorable one at St Andrew's Bo'ness so I'd like to thank them all for their hard work. Thank you to all who planned and helped out at the Christmas parties. Those who made the Christmas Nativity a great experience for all who attended. Thank you to those who made the Woolies idea a great success. Thank you to those who gave us the labyrinth, those who sorted the lights and the star outside the church, those who put up the Christmas banners, those who have been clearing the steps of ice, those to played for the Christmas worship, those who put up the Christmas trees, those who made decorations for the trees, those who delivered all the Christmas editions of Network round the parish. those who went out carol singing, those who starred in the Christmas movie and helped record the music and edit the film. And a big thank you to those who were always willing to do the tidying up. So its back to normal this week with Sunday highlighting our Discipleship strategy for 2010. So make sure your at church this weekend so that you can begin to see where you can become involved.

Posted By: Lilias   On: 7 Jan 2010   At: 6:32pm

Thank you Albert for your visions and enthusiasm.

H - The young project have been giving the Kinneil Halt to develop.  This is quite an exciting project.




Posted By: italker   On: 6 Jan 2010   At: 11:50pm

Glad you enjoy reading the blog


Posted By: H   On: 6 Jan 2010   At: 5:42pm

Aah! Just had to e mail and say “Thank-you” .

Discovered your blog on the “Random thoughts” website(which is excellent also).

I know Bo’ness fairly well (usually when I volunteer at the Bo’ness @ Kinneil Railway)

Thank you for all the interesting thoughts and helpful words.

After a days work, it really helps at night to read and find joy and hope in other Christian’s lives

May 2010 be a very happy year for all in Bo’ness.

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