Jesus and politics

imga0898.jpg Excuse me Lord, but with all this politicking going on at Westminster, someone asked me, what way you would vote ? Got me thinking Do you expect your disciples to get involved with politics? Mind you, the first lot were - involved? Judas was a right zealot. He wanted you to declare UDI. The apostles were a mixed bag, the brothers James and John, they believed you could have taken over the government. They wanted to be your right hand men, when you took power. I think they must have misread the signs They thought you were literally standing for office. Judas ? Was he really all about freedom fighting? You know I think you nailed it down when you said "Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is his." Lord, help me to make those distinctions more clearly. Give me the courage to stand up for the things I know to be true and Just. If I have to protest help me do it because it is right. Lord help me to understand the power I have, when I clasp two hands together And say - Father. The more I pray. The more I protest. Not simply with words But with my life. Lord, Help me pray a life. Now is that not pretty radical, And even political?
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