Jubilee Hope Bound For Lake Victoria

A lot has being join on since  last I blogged. I know I’ve not been as regular making my posts as I once was. However i hope to change that from now on.  Recently I’ve been involved with number of firsts.  The big first is  to put Jubilee Hope on Lake Victoria.  I can confidently announce our little ship Jubilee Hope is at last making its way to Africa.  

The ship set sail from Glasgow on the 22nd of January on  the first leg of her journey to Mombasa in Kenya. Here are some extracts from the ship’s log

DAY 1 - Successful send off from Greenock harbour at midday, passed Belfast at midnight. Steady average speed of 8 knots.

DAY 2 -  Sailed past the Isle of Man during  the early hours of the morning. Passing Dublin by lunchtime. Heavy seas - a few crew sick! Steady average speed of 8 knots.

DAY 3 - Passed end of Wales at midnight. Passed Lands End at midday. Seas are still heavy. Steady average speed of 8 knots.

DAY 6 - Currently stormbound in Falmouth. Possible delay of 3/4 days.

The total journey will be  around 8,585 miles, and the total cost of fuel around £45,000. Let your friends know  about the amazing work the ship will be involved in on Lake Victoria and encourage people to sponsor one mile of the journey for £5 or get them to push the boat out and fund more miles. Every little really will help.

Leg 1 - Glasgow to Las Palmas - 1520 miles
Leg 2 - Las Palmas to Cape Verde - 865 miles
Leg 3 - Cape Verde to Luanda (Angola) - 2800 miles
Leg 4 - Luanda to Cape Town - 1600 miles
Leg 5 - Cape Town to MOMBASA - 1800 miles

Total Journey ~ 8585 miles total fuel cost of journey ~£45,000 Check out Vine Trust

I also like to say that many people have helped us over the years. I hope we never forget the people who journeyed with us from the beginning and continue to do so.  When we bring on new supporters we must never forget those who have given of their wealth and their heart. Some with very  large sums of money others with small amounts. We need them all, because the work we have taken on means that we are working on two fronts. After April we will have three medical ships to maintain and support apart from the need to keep supporting our work with abandoned children. So check out the Vine Trust and get involved if you can. 

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