Jubilee Hope Finally in Lake Victoria

Here's an update on the Jubilee Hope adventure across Africa. At last the ship is in Lake Victoria. It was launched into the lake last Saturday. Jubilations all round! this has been quite an undertaking. As chairman of te Vine Trust our board owe a debt of gratitude to a wide range of people. the truth is if we were to list them all it would run into literally hundreds of names. We've had amazing support for this project fro  the civic community the corporate world, the charitable sector, governments and politicians, the medical professions, enginners, lawyers, accountants, ministers. The list is incredably remarkable.


However it would never have happened if our CEO Rev Willie McPherson had not persuaded the Vine Trust Board that a ship was needed in lake Victoria. So the ship is in the Lake. We now have the huge task of supporting our partners in tanzania to build a credable health service around Jubilee Hope. It is my pray that this project will be a fitting water mark to remember the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Hence Jubillee Hope. 

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