Knowing a Margaret can change your life!

I was able to visit with the members of the St Margaret's Chapel Guild on Friday.  The Chapel is a very small building situated in Edinburgh Castle. I think it can hold a maximum of about 30 people. I really enjoyed the visit. The great thing is that you don't forget the names of the congregation. They're all called Margaret. I was welcomed by  Margaret Ann Crawford a member of the Guild. I had met margaret a few weeks ago at Direlton when we visited to celebrate their 400 hundredth anniversary, so it was good to catch up  again. The St Margaret's Chapel Guild has been established for around 70 years. It was set up by the minister of the Canongate  The Very Rev Ronnie Selby -Wright. He did it to keep alive the memory of Queen Margaret the saintly Queen of Scotland. At that time the chapel had fallen out of use and was being used as a store room. Now it is returned to its original use as a place of prayer and reflection open for the public to visit on a daily basis. Today the members of the Guild all have to have Margaret in their names and they place flowers in the Chapel twice per week. The ladies all take their turn.  Friday was St Margaret's day so this was an annual event highlighting the qualities of this   Christian woman. As I reflected upon the whole idea I thought to myself that I  was privileged to be able to share in the short service  conducted by the present minister of the Cannongate  Rev Neil Gardner. It was great to see all the Margarets worshipping together  and to think that I had something in common with them all. After all I'm the son of a Margaret. It got me thinking of my own mother and the example she set for all of us in her family  to follow. I also thought what a far seeing idea it was to establish such a Guild. Here in the midst of Edinburgh Castle the most visited tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, the local parish minister of 70 years ago  re-established a place of prayer which today is open to all and continued to be supported by the current minister. Who knows how many people have been able to find in this small sacred space an opportunity to meet with the eternal God. One can't help but also reflect on the saintly Margaret kneeling in prayer asking for the protection of the Almighty on her family and country. So a thank you to all the Margarets who continue to make the journey to place flowers in the little Chapel so that it is always a place of welcome  and prayer for the weary tourist or pilgrim seeking to reach out to God. Here's the words to a song I wrote for a Margaret who shaped my life. Maggie Tears on the ground Have grown trees that are so high. Leaves, falling leaves, falling leaves, blowing patterns in the sky. Chorus Joy fill the world as the breeze makes a sound, turning sad to design and tears all left behind. And she said stand tall, don't you fear the wild wind Little seeds make the oak trees whistle and grin   Green on the ground writes a mood that spells peace, as the light falls, darkness will cease. Love fills the morning I'm born again.   Mist on the ground Blurs the view of the sea As the waves fall the tide returns Faith fills the soul water washes clean You can listen to the song on iTunes at     
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