Let's be Holy not Hollow

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/iYNhFXzSo00" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]REM I put my car into the garage last week to get fixed, they gave me a courtesy car. This is where my story starts. I didn't realise how much I like my old Passsat until I was given another car to drive. The one I had for nearly a week was a bit tinny, however what really bugged me was that I had bought a copy of REMs new album called "Accelerate" I put it in the CD player but the darn thing wouldn't work.  When I pressed the release button, it didn't work either, so I was driving about for 5 days with a CD  in the player  but no music.   When I returned the car, I was told they didn't have the code to make the CD player work, but they'd get it, and mail me my CD . A week later I'm still waiting.  Anyway I thought you might like listening to one of the songs on the new REM album.  As I listened to this song I started to think about the opposite of hollow could be holy. The CD incident is a bit like what happens in so much of our church life. We are full of hope trying to play a new song and the infra structure just won't work. Then someone tells us that we have to  wait till we get a code.  I think CWW is telling us we can't wait any longer we are desperate to hear the new tunes so we go to You Tube.  We go outside the car outside the walls and play the tune. I'm sure that God is calling more of us to step outside the in-car entertainment system and play the tune. I don't want to be a hollow man anymore!    The next thing that I want to talk about is the fuel strike. I have just listened to Michael Connarty our local MP speak about the issues surrounding the strike. I think he made a good case for the plight of the workers.  How despicable is it to try and steal money from people's pension.  I know some folk think that the Eneos workers are should pay for their pension like everyone else. However the point is that this pension contribution from the company is part of the workers salary. It is like a deferred payment of their wages that they receive once they retire. So I've decided I'm in sympathy with the workers. As for the strike. Well I don't like strikes, because they usually affect people who can't really do anything about the dispute. I don't like this one in particular because I'm conscious that it could affect the attendances at the National Gathering.  So I'm asking everyone who comes on to the blog to remember the Gathering in prayer and make a point of getting there. 
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Posted By: James Hoog   On: 27 Apr 2008   At: 10:06am

So from what you heard of it, is the album any good?

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