Living in Oblivion

Most people just live their lives oblivious to the reality of the world that is all around them. We drive past so many things of beauty and worth. My wife Martha is continually encouraging me to get out of the car and start walking. She's right. When you take to the streets you see things that you've never noticed before. It's the same with our spiritual journey. When we start walking through our lives at a slower pace we find ourselves being confronted with ideas that challenge us. We might even begin to understand people and things we've written off. A few years ago during lent we put together a short video highlighting the things that sometimes go right over our heads when it comes to trying to understand who Jesus really is. We recorded this video using a script we found in a book somewhere. We've since lost the book so we can't give the scriptwriter credit. If you recognise the script pass on the authors name. If not I'm afraid he'll have to continue to be living in oblivion.  
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