Looking For Meaning

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaO_-_Z5dfA[/youtube] We leave no stone unturned Looking for meaning Searching for more We often become the stones ourselves Frantically looking Patiently hoping to see Someone Something Longing To recognize a familiar Sign Or saying Or smile But everything looks the same Yet nothing remains the same Everything is turning Changing but remaining empty Our hearts beat faster Time is ticking away We are still seeking and searching But never finding. Facing Disappointment You me, all of us Surrender Give up the search Slow down Stand still And In the silence You hear a voice Calling your name And all is well. It was you. You were lost. But now you've been found Its quite amazing the things you discover About yourself In the Resurrection garden Looking at stones. Turning Rolling Changing
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Posted By: h   On: 10 May 2011   At: 6:05pm

An unusual video.

Easy to feel lost in a big world, but so good to know that we are never truly alone.

In moments of loneliness, and when our lives feel empty, we know that God hugs us close and surrounds us with His love.

Thanks for your interesting poem.

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