Mary Always Knew

Mary always knew there was more to Him than met the eye. And now, she was looking into his eyes. in a way that only a mother can. She wasn't going to make a scene She detested violence The voices were raised The crowd was jostling This was not about her. She knew that. This was always bigger than her. Bigger than she could ever be She smiles and cries and feels the pride well up He looked dazed but not defeated She thought Tired but not exhausted If only she could give him something to eat. Her emotions were running riot She wanted to take him home Talk sense to him. Everyone mother should have her son home for Passover. She felt a tinge of anger well up. He should have stayed a carpenter like his father. Oh Joseph I miss you Joseph, Why was this happening to her son? She blamed the crowd he had got mixed up with. Prostitutes and publicans Peter and James should have know better. As for Judas she had never liked him She had told Jesus on a number of occasions She had warned him about the company he was keeping. In fact his whole family had told him. He was going too far He had become too radical She should have reigned him in. Tears from no where streamed down her face As she looked him over He was his own man God's man Son of Man She smiled She sighed She knew More than most There was more to him than met the eye She remembered the words of the old man Simeon More than thirty years ago The sword he spoke of was now "piercing her heart" So many regrets Memories flood back In a flash She remembered Her fear Her joy Her shear naivety When heaven entered her kitchen She was just a girl She had sang a song And called Him her Saviour What she knew She always knew He was never really her son He was never really hers He was always for everyone The Light of the world The Bread of Life The way The Truth The Life She knew it all to be true She knew it All from a mother's glance
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