Moderator Makes Music at Solas 2012

People ask do you get time off when your Moderator?  The answer is of course you do. When your on the road its pretty intensive  but you also have some down time. I've been enjoying taking some of that time to relax and make some music. Hopefully we'll have a very simple but I hope classy album of acoustic songs released in time for the Moderator's fringe event.  This will take place at Palmerston Place Church on Sunday 12 August and Monday 13 August both events will start at 8.00pm. The evening will be billed as an evening of music and stories from the Moderator and friends. I hope that this will catch the imagination of people who like stories and are interested in hearing the stories that lie behind the songs Iain Jamieson and I have written.I forgot how the lyrics of many of our songs seem to reach out and speak to people.  Last Saturday was no exception  a number of people spoke to me as I was leaving   sharing with me how  the lyrics and the melody seemed to speak into their very personal life situation. Strange isn't it how music disarms a person. Talking about music. Recently I started to put some of the Bogle Band up on iTunes. So of you want to do me a favour why not go to the  iTunes store look for the Bogle Band album "Cries in the Dark"  and be one of the first to rate the songs. If we start selling material I'll put some of my older material up for downloading

Posted By: italker   On: 1 Jul 2012   At: 6:33pm

Who knows Alec perhaps one day we could sing it as a duo!


Posted By: Hazey   On: 29 Jun 2012   At: 6:12pm

Still enjoying your CD “There must be More”.

I love the Bogle band.


Posted By: Alec Shuttleworth   On: 29 Jun 2012   At: 1:52am

I think you now which track I am waiting for on iTunes, Albert!

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