More faith on the Street than in the Church!

labrybth.JPG When we started out on this whole adventure of taking the message to the streets I never thought it would end up back here in Bo'ness. Yesterday was Good Friday, we took to the street with our Labyrinth and it was an amazing success just listen to how people in the streets of Bo'ness responded to the event. We were asking the question, 'Is Easter Fact or Fairytale?' 'Is Easter Fact or Fairytale?' This will be the topic that I plan to speak about tomorrow in church. It is my hope that more and more people will meet the risen Christ for themselves. It was really quite moving to hear 21st century disciples in Bo'ness professing their faith and love for Jesus. In a week where Bishop Jeffrey John, has denied the meaning of the Cross, suggesting that it is insane to believe that one man can and has died in the place of others for the forgiveness of sin. It seems to me that this is what makes the preaching of the cross look foolish to them who are dead to Christ. Its not about head knowledge its about the heart being stirred. Its about facing the dire consequences of our sin, and realising that a loving God is not one who turns his back on sin, on the contrary he pays the cost of removing it from our lives just like a cleaner would do. Now that idea comes to us through revelation not academic thinking. Have a look at this video, entitled In My Place 'In My Place" recorded a number of years ago, but still very much to the point.
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