Music Room Bo'ness

craig1.jpg Here is a picture of one of our local heros in Bo'ness Craig Hannah. When he's not putting out fires he's firing up young people to make music. I've known Craig since he was a teenager. In fact he played the drums in the first Bogle Band line up way back in '87. Well thanks to Craig the young rock musicians in Bo'ness have a rehearsal room. It opened on Friday evening 21st September. _johnny1.jpg Four bands all based in Bo'ness were headlining the night. Johnny Lapsley's band "Fearless Dave" played an excellent set. One of the things I enjoyed about this band was their original material. Their ages belie their musical maturity. " Fearless Dave" are well worth going to listen to. I can honestly say that I was disappointed when their set came to an end. Here's picture of Johnny doing his stuff. I was also impressed with a young band called " The Rising" this band have been around for a wee while now although I believe they have changed their original line up. They played a cover version of the one of the "Rolling Stones" songs and they made it their own. When it came to the next band, "Butch and the Bandits", they put on a fantastic performance full of energy, I tell you it was so believable. Chris Allison the lead singer, tackled some serious songs and he sounded really convincing. He tackled songs from Bono to Freddie Mercury, well done, these guys were like bandits because they made these songs sound like their own. steveb1.jpg Finally, Stephen's band "We See Lights" came on the stage. This is a completely new band who where making their first public appearance. Of course three of them were formerly of the popular Bo'ness Band Soulstarr. This was a set up that showcased the boys ability to write and compose outstanding material. Their playing was technically superb but it was their ambient atmospheric sound that reminded me of Arcade Fire. Paul Dougall afterwards spoke to me about the band being a collective of musicians, and he was delighted that their first gig had gone so well. On a personal note, as father of one of the band members I have to declare an interest in" We See Lights" However it was good to see so many father's hanging around supporting their sons, whether they were mixing the music or playing in a band, or working the lighting rigg. All of them can rightly be proud of their boys. Can I say a special thanks to Richard Hannah of Richard Hannah Photography who took the pics
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