Off the hook and its not the phone!

Bo'ness Town Hall was the scene of a christian conference today. It was attended by people from all over Scotland. Kenny Borthwick , the minister at Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, spoke powerfully tonight. He said that he believed one of the things that held back revival was the lack of grace in the Christian Church among Christians and Christian Leaders.He spoke of the danger of a judgemental spirit, and called for Christians to do three things when thinking about forgiving. Hes spoke of the importance of the "off the hook "principle. In others words if you forgive someone, your letting them off the hook. Secondly he spoke about, taking the grievance off the agenda. this means that you stop talking to people about the hurt you received from etc. The third thing is you put them on your prayer kist to ask God to bless them. He suggested that you've not done the forgiveness bit until you can ask for them to be blessed.
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