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dsc00005.jpgThe whole "On the Street" worship idea is based around the thought that life itself is lived out on the street. If we are going to connect with the world around us as Christians we need to open our eyes and see what is on the street. The church needs to once again get out there where the people are living, moving breathing, working, playing, being. I guess that is what Jesus did and ended up being called the friend of sinners. Faith has to be at street level or it is not being true to the incarnation. Have a look at this video we put together a few years ago. This was the prototype "on the street video"   dsc00024.jpg Now lets get up to date. Last September we launched the first of eight multimedia worship services around the theme On the Street. Here is an introductory video setting the scene for the worship service. On the Street: The music and the images in this video are meant to describe the edginess of being on the street. It doesn't matter if you live in Moscow or Lima, Amsterdam or Glasgow, the street can be a dangerous place. What we are trying to do in this clip is set the scene for all our lives. Christianity is not a faith for the monastery or the secluded church building. It is a faith born out of struggle and hardship. It is a faith that came to life on the street. The first Christians encountered the power and presence of Jesus Christ not in an ornate holy temple, but in the cut and thrust of everyday life. In a community that knew what it was like to be under occupation and fear. Christianity comes to life when it engages with the dark places in life. So if your lost on the street of life hang in their because you will encounter some interesting people on the street. We are also convinced that God reveals himself more often on the street that in the so called holy places. On the Street
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Posted By: Anon   On: 14 Mar 2007   At: 11:47pm

Nice wee videos, cool pics and a great blog.  It’s interesting to get a glipse into the mind of iTalker.

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