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I feel like an athlete limbering up for a big race, or like a swimmer tweaking my muscles before diving into the pool to swim a marathon. Mmmm! I'm not sure if swimmers do marathons?  Anyway,  I'm sure you get the idea. What I'm trying to describe to you is the challenging agenda that lies ahead over the next month. It will be great but it will be no doubt exhausting at times. One thing I know is essential finding the place to be quiet to pray and to focus on the business of engaging with the living  presence of  Jesus as we encounter the Holy Spirit at work in the most unexpected of people and places. Saturday sees us heading up to Dundee to speak to the Guild at their annual meeting. This is always a well attended gathering. I believe well over 2000 people attend.  I've spoken at this gathering before and it is always a positive experience. You meet some amazing people who are getting on with the work of the Kingdom in their local parishes.  Its a number of years now since the Guild re-branded itself seeking to appeal to both men and women, although it is still primarily  made up of woman there is a growing number of men who are attending Guild meetings  and making valuable contributions.   Saturday will be a day of meeting people and encouraging Guilds from all over Scotland. Sunday is another very interesting day. In the Morning we visit Clarkson Airdrie. This parish will be celebrating 175 years of ministry in the town. Its a great achievement and challenge to know that which you have received has to be passed on.  The congregation are installing two new stain glass windows highlighting their purpose and mission. On one window they have the theme of Worship  and on the other Service.  I like that, it is simple and to the point. Surely that is what the church is all about. Our first calling is to worship God with our hearts and souls.  Have a look at the  windows  depicting service. I'm  told by the minister that one of the children commenting on the initial draft outlines of the artist, asked why is the church door closed? Surely it must always be open.  I smiled and thought to myself, the lad has got it n one. It reminded me of the Archbishop of Canterbury's address to the General Assembly. His text was " Behold I set before you an open door"  How true this is God is in the world working and shaping and bring about his purposes.  It is our job to be where God is and learn to work alongside Him. This leads me nicely into Sunday evening. At 5.00pm we will launch the Crossreach Week from St Andrew's Dalziel Motherwell. It is going to be streamed out LIVE! Crossreach hope that people from all over Scotland and beyond will log into the service.. So if your about on Sunday near a computer or got you mobile phone you can find the details on the Crossreach web page http://www.crossreach.org.uk. During the Crossreach Week a challenge  has been laid down . How many modes of transport can the moderator use during his Crossreach Week visits.  Now that's a fascinating one. Ay least I know of the boat and the plane the rocket? Mmm no too sure about , but I tell you what I'll try and keep in touch from outer space! After Crossreach its engaging with the corporate world thinking about the ethics of business then its ten days in Orkney followed by eight days visiting the Presbyterian denominations in South Korea. See what I mean when I say I'm limbering up!

Posted By: italker   On: 27 Aug 2012   At: 10:52pm

Hello Lorna,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. The Guild is always an inspirational group of people to speak to. This week is certainly a busy one but i’m sure it is going to be very rewarding. Already we’ve had an excellent response to the Crossreach Week.



Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 27 Aug 2012   At: 3:23pm

Had heard of John Ross, but didn’t know that. When in Orkney you may well come across Gavin Hunter who is Baptist minister at Westray, Gavin came to St Andrews when we did the Youth mission a number of years ago when we had the One Band for the week. He was well received in Bo’ness, did stuff in the church on the Saturday.He was at Wester Hailes at the time, a friend of Laura Taylor.


Posted By: Lorna Paterson   On: 27 Aug 2012   At: 11:34am

What an inspirational word you gave us at Dundee on Sat. Albert! It was very special. Just as was your Glasgow Cathedral sernon on 4 July. So many people have commented favouravly on tat to us since then - the L&W letter in the SEpt, L^W says it all.

Great to learn about the two upcoming weddings too!


May you and Martha have all the atrength and inspiration you’ll need for your visits in these next weeks. You can’t do better than you did on Sat. and His grace IS sufficient! Love from Ian and me, Lorna


Posted By: italker   On: 26 Aug 2012   At: 11:46pm

Thanks Mike good to hear from you. We’re looking forward to all the opportunities that will be coming our way this year and especially the people we will meet in Korea. Did you know that it was a native of Easter Ross called rev John Ross who first translated the New Testament into Korean.


Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 26 Aug 2012   At: 10:07pm

Attended the Healing Rooms conference in Glasgow yesterday, main speaker was Rick Taylor from Healing Rooms, Calif. He was telling of many visits to Korea and many stories of healing there,how God is moving powerfully, so you may well be involved in healing ministry.

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