Passing On

I've been reflecting on three words today. "to pass on" The meaning of these words are tied up in the context and the way you say them. You can say "I"ll pass on the fish today" and you think of someone in a restaurant commenting on the menu. In the same restaurant a minute later you can say to the person next to you" be careful, don't come too close or I'll pass on the cold to you" Then we use the phrase to coney that someone has died. Its all about understanding words in context. I think so much of the hurt and misunderstanding that is around in our relationships in today's world and among Christians in our churches is because we don't take time to understand the context of our words and indeed the context of our many relationships. We all have a hinterland and that hinterland affects how we see things. Lord I've been thinking about What I'm "passing on" Its an interesting phrase It can be quite confusing It can mean "opting out" So I "pass on the pizza". But then I pass on a tip to the waitress or clothes to charity shops. Lord one thing more, I hate to admit it but I can pass on gossip even pass on the cold Lord, Help me to pass on the things that matter And when it comes to faith Give me the courage To pass it on With outstretched hands.
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