Its the second day in the new year and war seems to be round the corner for the Palastinians and the Israelis. Have a look at this Rueters web page my heart goes out to such people caught up in the middle of years of mistrust and injustice on both sides. I'm wondering where Tony Blair is in all this? I thought he was the special emissary in the middle east? I haven't heard his name mentioned once in the news. I wonder of Israel and Hamas are escalating all this because they will find themselves brought round the bargaining table when Barack Obama is sworn in as President of the USA later on this month? I'm sure if the Palestinian homeland question could be resolved and Israel's right to exist agreed, we would see a huge shift in the whole relationships between East and West. I often think that we've not moved on a great deal over the years. We are still fighting over who own and controls land. Meanwhile here's a song from Bono PEACE ON EARTH
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