Peru Update

boyeating1.jpg Just had an update from Peru. I so glad to know that the aid we in Vine Trust send gets to the places of need, thanks to our partners in Union Biblica. Paul Clark writes, "These children are being fed – 2 good meals a day – at our ‘soup kitchens'. Just an hour ago I had a phone call from Marco, our schools' worker in charge of the distribution of food. He asked permission to move one of the four feeding centres, because the bulldozers have come into the area to remove the rubble. The Government is, I believe, in spite of the news contrary to this, doing its best. There always has been corruption here, and so it is sad, but not surprising to see donated food and clothing being sold." earthquake.jpg Paul continues reminding us of the fact that life is cheap in so many parts of the developing world. He writes, "As I mentioned previously, thieves on the rampage constitute one of the major post-earthquake problems. Our Board chairman has a relative in Pisco. He was lying, totally trapped in the heavy debris of his home. Only his head was free. He saw a thief come by looting. He pleaded for help and told the man that if he freed him, he could have the money he had in his pocket. The thief removed the bricks, etc., helped himself to the money and left the victim motionless. His spine is broken in two places, is totally paralyzed and will, if he survives, be so for life." foodq-2.jpg It is good to see 400 children being fed, every day thanks to the generosity of so many here in Scotland through the work of the Vine Tust. It is very sad to hear their stories, comforting to know that, although we can never fully understand, our God is challenging more and more of us to become hands on to do something about the need we see all around us. While people here in the UK continue to mourn the loss of one child think how devastating it must be to see a whole village of children disappear before your eyes.
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