Posting Live From the Praise Gathering 2009 Glasgow

chall2 I'm in the Glasgow Concert Hall to hear "The Praise Gathering" This is my second year in attendance because I enjoyed it so much last year. Here I am blogging live from the venue. Ian Watson the Mistro behind all this has to be congratulated it looks as though its going to be a great night. Anyway I'm going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening. Martha is giving me that look that says put away the iphone NOW . I'll let you know how things go a the interval. pg As like last year this is a first class event. The standard of the music is wonderful. this year the guest artists were Keith and Kristyn Getty. They played a wonderful set, I especially liked the song " Oh to See the Dawn" a moving hymn inviting believers to reflect on the cross. At the end the star of the show for me was the young 17 year old girl who just wooed the audience with her version of the old gospel standard "Since jesus came into my heart". The truth is Ian with natural local talent like that you don't need any big names she was just brilliant. I don't have her name because we left the programme in the recycling box. I believe the Praise gathering is on tomorrow night also well worth a visit. Glasgow Concert Hall 7.30pm

Posted By: imwiseman   On: 20 Nov 2009   At: 5:47pm

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Posted By: Gordon M   On: 20 Jun 2009   At: 12:26am

Glad you enjoyed the event Albert Ian does have a gift for getting the best out of people in vocal groups and choirs, it was VERY hard work for everyone involved though I’m sure most enjoyed as well.


Posted By: the 17 year old girl, superb (underststement)   On: 15 Jun 2009   At: 10:31pm

the young girl was superb,  highlight of night,  quoir did well,


Posted By: Iain Cunningham   On: 15 Jun 2009   At: 1:54pm

Girl’s name is Gamucharai Nhengu (aka Gamu) She was absolutely fantastic. (I went on Saturday night) When she started singing it was as if the whole concert hall had been electrified. Fabulous voice, brilliant stage presence, communicated powerfully with the audience/congregation. A seriously big talent.

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