Praying through the Gaps

We had a very interesting day today. I managed to bring to a conclusion the study in the Book of Ephesians. It is such a wonderful book it reminds us about the kind of Gospel we preach and the kind of church God calls us to be. It was good to conclude the study by focusing our attention on the great power that prayer can bring into our lives. It was great to see the reality of that prayer work out in the healing service this afternoon. Although numbers wee small the power of God's touch reaching out to the people was great. This theme of prayer seems to be running straight through the day. This evening I took some time off to support my nephew Jonathan who was professing his faith publicly at Stirling Baptist Church. Here again was an example of God answering prayer. As a child Jonathan had professed his faith with his grandfather listening . Today he did it with hundreds looking on. The point here is that both my mother and father prayed regularly for all their grandchildren. Tonight another prayer of faith was answered.
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