Rainy Season

willie-albert.jpgIts the Monsoon season. Today the place looks like a miserable rainy Glasgow Sunday at the Barras. I woke up this morning no feeling too good. I think the Chinese I had last night didn't agree with me. Captain Thacker arrived on time at 7.30am to take us to Mount Zion Church. This is the church that John attends. Some of you will remember meeting John when he visited us for the World Without Walls training programme last year. The roads where unpassable so we had to wait a couple of hours before attemptingthe journey. It was good to see Pastor Sabastian again and to take part in the service. However I wasn't feeling up to te mark and we returned to the YWCA instread of continuing on to vist the leprosy Colony. The rest of the day I've spent sleeping and getting ready for the trip back home. I ust confessd I enjoyed listening to the new Radiohead album this afternoon. I also download some pictures which you might find interesting. Here  are so  pictures of uor trip to the Moonar, this region is quite spectacular.
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