Well I'm back in in Scotland after a busy couple of weeks moving around Peru. I was glad that Willie insisted that we get seats at the front of the plane. We arrived late into Amsterdam and just reached the checking in gate for Edinburgh before it closed. I don't think either of us could have stuck another six hours in an airport. Anyway big thanks to Willie, he was a great travelling companion, we got on well and I believe we managed to move our projects on a little further in Peru. In due course we'll share some of our future plans. Meanwhile it full steam ahead to sort out our barge project. Talking about home. It was good to catch up with Gordon Reid yesterday. Gordon has just recently retired from his charge in Dunfermline. He did the preaching for meĀ  I knew the flight would get in late on Saturday afternoon. I didn't want to be preparing a sermon when I got home. Gordon is an engaging speaker and he picked up on our theme for the day which was walking the road of holiness. Its worth listening to as a download. Go to While your there have a look at the Holy Week video. Its worth a look. Jonathan Winkley presents the video really well. Looking at this reminds me of footage we shot a few years ago. If I have time we might use some of it for the Tenebrae Service this coming Saturday Night Anyway getting back to what I was saying. The biggest challenge was the Sanctuary First Service. I must say we have a brilliant team. Everyone worked so hard and in the end produced a first rate piece of work. if i have any criticism it is this, once again I think it went on a bit too long. However regardless of the time I think the over all concept worked. the palms we got were outstanding. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] We commissioned Jamie Stuart, the author of the Glasgow Gospels to do a piece to camera about the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It was a great wee video. I'll try and get a hold of it and put it up on the blog. The idea or the theme behind the service was this " Some people just can't see it" You know what I mean. there are things in life, that you can talk about till your blue in the face and still some people just won't get it. Where we give up the Easter story tell us that Christ never gives up. However he weeps for those who just can't see. He weeps over Jerusalem. [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] We also used a track from U2s new album, "White As Snow" to introduce a meditation written by Maggie Lane while she was in Jerusalem last week. This song reflects the same tune as the Christmas or Advent carol, O Come O Come Emmanuel. U2 have adapted it a bit and written a whole new set of lyrics. After this we invited the congregation to move to four stations where they could encounter the four Cries for Salvation. The Cries of Creation, the Cries of Humanity, the Cries of the Heart, and the Cries of the Christ. I think we could have perhaps reduced the prayer zones, but i'd be interested to hear other people's view point on the whole service. One other thing it would be good to hear from all of yiou who have signed up on the lenten Journey I'd love to hear how some of these texts have impacted on your lives. During this week I'll make a post on the Lenten Journey so that I can hear from all of you. I'll get Neil to text everyone.

Posted By: Jonathan   On: 10 Apr 2009   At: 6:57pm

Really meaningful service.  Sanctuary First is really taking shape now and it was so encouraging to have so many people from across the country coming to Bo’ness.  It would be even better if more or our ain folk could see how much there is to be gained from coming to Sanctuary First.  If you haven’t been, please come and take part in this service - it is so challenging and spiritually rewarding.


Posted By: jenn   On: 8 Apr 2009   At: 2:53pm

i thought sanctuary first was as brilliant as always, although i really noticed the extra work that had gone into this one. the whole team did a really good job and the props etc were all really good. i especially liked the cries of the heart station. thought it was really powerful having pictures of things that pull our heart strings (ie poverty) so close to the things we put so much importance on wanting (ie fancy clothes). really reminded me to listen to my heart and spirit and not society, which i think we all need to constantly be remided of. i also love that we quite often have communion after these services. i think it’s a really important chance once a month for us to come back to our commitment to Christ, refuel, and head back out.

as for the length, i didnt even get round all the stations coz i loved the heart one so much so i dont think it was too long at all!


thanks so much to the team for always putting really hard work into a service that i always try to prioritise in my schedual!


(oh and good work in peru albert, im still reading through your blogs, but i know your trip will have really encouraged so many people)

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