_mg_38321Sanctuary First happen tonight. We had a good response from those who attended. The theme was about the loose ends in all our lives. We talked about our personal burdens and we showed a clip from the film entitled "The Mission". we also showed the clip we put together last week entitled, "Secrets and Lies". See previous post. Here's a taste of a song we put together to remind us of the call that Sanctuary first has on our lives. SANCTUARY FIRST One interesting idea was that we invited the worshippers to reflect on those who needed to be forgiven and those people we need to forgive. We then invited people to consider forgiving those who have trespassed against them. They were able to express this forgiveness by writing it in the sand trays supplied to each group. We also used water freely to remind ourselves that in our baptism we have been cleansed from all the powers of darkness and all unrighteousness. In part two we looked at the loose ends in our lives when we try to understand the purposes of God. We replaced the sand trays with boxes full of remnants. this was a chance for us all to reflect on the things in our lives we need to draw to a close in order for God to begin a new work in our lives. _mg_3825 We also reflected on Andrea Wigglesworth's idea of holy endings. We all need to see that God often invites us to bring something to an end so that there can be" a Divine Beginning" . So have a look at our loose endings all tied together to become a reminder to us all that when one ministry finishes God opens doors for a new one to begin. We used the pillars of the church to tie our join clothes to as a symbol that our join ministries only work when we are rooted to the rock . Anyway If you were at the service tonight I'd love to hear your comments. this was the last Sanctuary first until August when we hope to take it into Edinburgh during the Arts Festival. Anyway let us know what you think. BOGLE"S PARAPHRASES When you are lying in a hard place and you can't find any comfort on either side. I promise I will not leave you there. I will come to you and bring comfort. John 14.18

Posted By: iTalker   On: 9 Jun 2009   At: 2:53pm

Yeah Monica,

I like it so much when the children come. Your boys are so well behaved, what a credit to you.

I think there is something here for us all to reflect upon and develop.




Posted By: Monica   On: 9 Jun 2009   At: 1:17pm

Yeah I thought the service was brilliant (and the kids enjoyed it too which was good).  I love being more free in worship and not having the pews… Erica and Graham were fab - well done guys, it was true worship.


Posted By: vpcano   On: 9 Jun 2009   At: 7:24am

I did not attend and I am soryy I missed it but talking to someone who was there, I know it was powerful, particulalry the issues on forgiveness,


Posted By: James Hogg   On: 9 Jun 2009   At: 12:48am

The best Sanctuary First service i had been to, i think.

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