Sanctuary First ... surely its worth a post? What do you think?

I'm just in from visiting a parishioner I know its the early hours of the morning but it is such a privilege to be able to pray with someone who is nearing the end of their life. I'm reminded of all we have been thinking about today. God is to be encountered in the every day activity of life. In the ordinary ups and downs and in the times of sadness as well as the times of great celebration and rejoicing. In our preparing for death and in our preparations to bring new life into the world. God is closer to us than we can ever imagine. I found Sanctuary First this evening to be a very peaceful and engaging service. Its worth taking a look at the service when the replay goes up later today on the church web page What I found especially effective was the amazing artwork of Manna Dobo she painted a wonderful reflection on the idea of "God in the Ordinary." Manna's painting is based around the inspiration of a feather. She explained how God has used winged creatures to inspire and sustain many of the biblical characters. Feathers speak of that which we often cannot see but which is the sign of heaven touching earth. I also though our new young people's praise band "Stand United" did really well leading us in worship this evening. And of course everyone who read and shared from the techie dest to our internet congregation, deserve to be recognised for their input . If you had a chance to shatre in the service, i'd love to hear your views.

Posted By: hazel   On: 17 Jan 2012   At: 6:04pm

I think it is amazing that you can log into a Church Service somewhere miles away and feel a togetherness with people you have never met.

I’m also grateful for all those who prepare and are part of the live service in St Andrews (because it is daunting knowing that you are on video)

Your young folk do so well (and the slightly growing old graciously folk too)

Logging in when I can on a Sunday evening is something I look forward to - for the music, words and so different personalities - most of all it is just lovely being a wee part of God’s family - wherever we are.



Posted By: Helmut   On: 16 Jan 2012   At: 7:26pm

I am always deeply moved and very surprised by what can be done and achieved that way, the more as I am aware of how much work goes into this. Also, I am always over the moon (?) about the gentle ways prevalent. Certainly it is not only me feeling very much at home.

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