Seeing is Believing

Well, iTalker is back after being silent for a couple of weeks. Life has been pretty hectic trying to catch up with the work of the parish, after the trip to Peru. Some things have got to go or take a back seat  in order to make sure the essential things are completed. I guess the blog falls into that category. Now its not that you guys who read this are not important, its just that some things have to take that higher priority.

Anyway I'm trying something different this week. So here is a sneak preview for those who read the blog.  I thought it might be an idea to put together a wee clip that promotes the services on a Sunday. I suppose a bit like a film trailer. So here is what Rae and myself have come up with. I've entitled the next lot of sermons "Seeing is believing" even the sermons in the morning on "Forgiveness".  I believe as people see things in action they begin to believe the truth and reality of the teaching.

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Posted By: Smootherprince   On: 23 Feb 2008   At: 9:20am

Thoroughly enjoyed your video. It really inspired me to see what your vision was. Very clear.

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