Slip Slidin' Away

I was listening to the Janice Forsyth Show on Radio Scotland last Saturday. i'm a bit of a fan of Janice. I like her style and her selection of music. Anyway she played a Paul Simon number called "Slip Slidin' Away" I hadn't heard it in a long time, but it sure describes all our antics in this weather. I was out visiting round the parish yesterday and before long I was slip slidin'away. However i must say a big thank you to the gritters for dropping past the church last friday and gritting the pavements before the funeral service that was taking place. Mind you if they hadn't come i'm sure someone would have broken a limb. Of course the song has profound lyrics reminding us that too often when we're just about to achieve something it slips out of our grasp. When we are about to face up to ourselves or face up to our past the moment comes and we find ourselves chickening out. Too often we let things slip because it is the easiest option. Thinking about slipping reminded me of the importance of having salt when we're facing icy conditions. The rock salt under your feet gives you confidence and it keeps your feet on the path. It gives a whole new meaning to the words of Jesus when he said "You are the salt of the earth" [youtube][/youtube] Oh God This is such a slippery slope we're all on. We're sliding all over the place. People are losing their direction. Some have fallen by the way. And you want me to be the salt, to be the grit under my neighbours feet, to be the salt that melts the ice of unbelief. Too often Lord, I'm all over the place I panic Help me trust you Help me speak out Give me the courage To stand And melt cold cold hearts Lord Hold on to me that I might prevent others from "Slip Slidin'
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