Snow Stuck

I'm sure some of the phone calls we made to people today from the church office were answers to their prayers. We were continuing our service in the community by offering to clear snow and run errands for many of our elderly members. t was great to see the satisfaction on the young people's faces as they retuned from clearing snow away or doing some shopping. At one point today I'm told there wasn't a loaf of bread to be found in the town supermarkets. I believe that even the bakers shops had no bread. I think people tend to panic and they bulk buy. Anyway I noticed the bread machine was out in the manse this morning and there was a nice smell of fresh bread around the house. So today once again was interesting. The town continues to be quiet and many of the feeder roads are all snowed up. I think I must have snow piled up at least four or five feet behind the garden gate. There is definitely something heavenly about snow. Its snow Its so nice Its no nice It will soon turn to ice Then we'll be sliding Colliding Lets just enjoy the view Sunlight on snow Like Scotch on ice Its a burning sensation Then a golden hue Shimmering on the ground This is a white out A checkout A heavenly visitor Has Changed the Avenue Buses Lorries tractors Vans Covered in white dust It looks like we're all stuck

Posted By: Lilias   On: 4 Dec 2010   At: 10:14pm

I totally agree Mike :o)


Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 3 Dec 2010   At: 1:16pm

We all need to extend a huge amount of gratitude to our caring young people.

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