Something missing this Christmas!

Well I hope your all getting prepared for Christmas. There is something about Christmas this year that seems to be not right. Is it because we've had the snow too long? Is it because the snow has caused so much panic that shopping hasn't been completed. One thing I have noticed the numbers have been down on the labyrinth at the church this year. Its all a bit disappointing considering the amount of time and effort that has been put into setting the labyrinth up. Lets hope that the services are better attended. I recon that the churches all across the country will be noticing a drop in income over the past few weeks. The snow will have kept a lot of people away. Here is a picture of the fantastic labyrinth that so many people missed. Anyway I do have some good news. Our heating broke down a couple of weeks ago and we were resigned to the idea of having all our services in the church hall. However the part arrived on Tuesday and was duly fitted and now we have a pretty warm church. So spread the word that there is no excuse, everyone is welcome to come and join in the services this Christmas. Eve Watchnight Service at 11.30pm and on Christmas Day at 10.00am
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Posted By: h   On: 24 Dec 2010   At: 11:24am

I think the weather keeps folk from going out. It might have seemed like all your efforts for the prayer labyrinth went unnoticed..but God would notice,.and, you can be sure, that to someone, it will have held meaning and helped in ways you may never know.

Wishing all in Bo’ness and beyond, the hope and love that is found in knowing Jesus - which is the greatest gift of all.

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