Sometimes you can't see you've changed

imga02801.jpg Its a funny old world, they say you become more conservative as you get older. I think it's happening the other way round for me. It's not that I'm buying into the trendy political morality of 21st century Blairite Britain. I just think that it is important to constantly reflect upon the way things are now rather than the way things used to be. Nuclear weapons is an example. I could just about understand why successive governments during the cold war advocated the peace keeping role that such weapons had in the light of the Soviet threat. However I cannot for the life of me understand why we want to invest 29 billion in new ones. I listened to Bruce Kent, the old "Ban the Bomb" campaigner on "Newsnight" this evening . He pointed out that there seems to be too much of a hurry to replace these weapons. He encouraged the government minister to pursue unilateral disarmament, he pointed out, the present arms system will still be operating until 2024. In other words we have plenty of time to try and decommission what we have worldwide Got me thinking if we put as much effort as we did into going to war with Iraq, I'm sure we could continue to be deescalating the present situation. How can we tell Iran you can't have these weapons but we are going to be putting in an order for our upgrade. Its an impossible moral argument. I think we are talking with "fork tongue". Its so easy to do and not to realise the contradictions in our lives. Have a listen to this piece of magic Glasgow patter. It sums up the fact that we sometimes need to take a long hard look at the changes we are embracing.burberry.mp3
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