Success stories are not always about the successful

Some of you will know that I've been given time off from my parish duties to focus on the CWW National Gathering at Ingliston on 3 and 4 May this year. I've been doing a bit of travelling around the country encouraging church leaders to get involved in this motivational weekend. We're planning the biggest Christian event in Scotland for a number of years. the theme of the weekend it all about transition. the strap line is " All that you can't leave behind". Transition is such an important theme, because it connects with every one. At home, at work, and in the church we are all in transition. Change is so difficult to handle. So finding out what is essential to our survival is important. These are the things we can't leave behind. I think it is so important to encourage church leaders today. In fact just to encourage people. We live in a world of instant fixes and that philosophy often spills over into the church and our personal lives.. Its so easy to feel discouraged if you are in a situation where growth is minimal or non existent and you read about people and parishes that are seeing great success. I hear someone saying why would I want to come to the National Gathering and become more disillusioned hearing stories of success and knowing that its not going to happen back in my patch. You know what, I want people to put that kind of negative thinking behind them and come, simple to hear once again about the God who always engages with the people who feel on the edge of things. He picked up a Moses who was working in an isolated desert place and spoke to him out of a burning bush. He spoke to a man called Zacheaus who was feeling out on a limb hiding up a tree. He spoke to a man called Jacob who was trying to sleep on a rock for a pillow, knowing that he was as guilty as sin because he had cheated his father and his brother. I just want people to come and find out that God understands their struggles. ministry and leading is not always about doing its more often that not about being. being there at the right time. So I say to you be there on the 3/4 May that will be enough.
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