The Bo'ness Wheel

bwheel.JPG Last week I was invited to give some advice to the Local Community Council regarding the ceremony for the opening of the 'Bo'ness Wheel'. They along with some other organisations have commissioned a memorial to commemorate the role the town of Bo'ness has played in shaping the mining industry in Scotland. Did you know that Bo'ness was the first place where mining was carried out commercially in Scotland? It was the monks who developed the first mine. Perhaps that is why I was there. Maybe I was representing my monkish predecessors in the town. Anyway it looks as though the 26 May 2007 is going to be a really good day out. pviews.JPGviews1.JPG Of course there are no mines left in Bo'ness. Today the town is becoming famous for its views and popular with property speculators. Last year it was regarded as the best place to buy property in the whole of Scotland. It was also voted second best place in the whole of the UK. This is due to the impending 200 million pound foreshore development, which incidentally, I'm told starts this week. So you see there are exciting times ahead of us here in Bo'ness not least the vision and calling that God has given to many of us here in St Andrew's to continue to establish a community of faith using technology to reach the world for Christ. One of these days I'll share with you our exciting plans for the redevelopment of the church buildings. As the town of Bo'ness has become the flagship for Falkirk District Regeneration plans , so we at Bo'ness St Andrew's have our own regeneration programme.
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