The Christmas Story The Artist Phillippi

The BBC mentioned our Woolies project in the news today. I believe it was even covered later on in the television news. The story had been picked up by the Herald on Sunday and I guess it was thought to be a good news story for Christmas. Nativity I was out with a film crew this afternoon trying hard to finish the filming for this years Christmas movie. It was a good feeling to get all the filming completed this afternoon. We had a great team of young people working on the script which was written by Alec Shuttleworth a fellow minister. Alec is an incrediblally talented individual. As well as writing the script for the movie he also passed to me a wonderful short story which he written centred around the nativity. I was delighted that one of our elders Guthrie Pollock a retired art teacher took up the challenge to draw the illustrations. Rae Manger of Sanctus Media worked hard at putting this little move together. I hope you enjoy it.
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Posted By: John Cross   On: 31 Dec 2009   At: 8:55pm

What a little gem this film is - hope it gets a wider viewing.

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