The First Greenbelt Festival 1974

dsc00791.JPG Well here's a wee bit of Christian rock'n roll history for you. I spent most of today clearing out my study. I came across a poster for the very first Greenbelt Festival in August 1974. Guess what, I played it ! And Just to prove it I've loaded up the poster. Today of course Greenbelt is one of the most important music and arts festivals in the Christian calander. I'm told around 20,000 people attend each year. dsc00792.JPG I was the lead singer with a band known as the Living Stones. I think there must have been a couple of thousand people at the Festival. The police turned up in force and then left one policeman on duty because the crowd were too well behaved! It was at Prospect Farm, Woodbridge , in Suffolk. Jim Holloway, was the brother in law of the amazing John Peck. He lectured in the Glasgow BTI, John was a fantastic person who encouraged the best in everyone. And I believe he still does. Well it was John Peck who got the gig for us. It all seems like another life to me now. However it was a great experience. It wasn't the biggest crowd we ever played to, that was reserved for the Sunday we played Green's Playhouse in Glasgow when the quite unique Arthur Blessit visited Scotland.Arthur holds the world record for carrying a life size cross all around the world. I believe he is still doing it. Should we invite him to The CWW National Gathering 2008. Let's have a poll. Please make your comment. living-stones.JPG Clearing out rubbish ends up making you think. So I guess some of you might want to even hear what the Living Stones sounded like, well here's a track from an album we recorded its called Disillusion, its full of youthful angst. Its worth a listen. Disillusion from the Album " Jesus Music"

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Greenbelt is festival of arts,Official pictures from the Greenbelt Arts Festival.I would like to use a full resolution version.


Green Belt Six Sigma Training.


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I noted your comments on the “Heavenly grooves” blog.

I hope what I said about your former bands’ “Jesus Music” album wasn’t offensive in any way because I think the album, for all it’s, um, shortcomings, is actually one of the best I’ve ever heard. Partly because I do my own amateur recordings on a portastudio at home with friends, I know that polish, production and proficiency aren’t the keys to enjoyable music. Good songs are and that album is chock full of those. I’ve been a regular visitor to Heavenly grooves and as most of the LPs there are at least 25 years old, it’s fascinating to find out what happened to some of the artists featured and I must add that those that still walk with the Lord are an endless source of encouragement to me. I love the endurers !

I also take healthy note of what you wrote about “preaching” in your piece on entertainment. Very insightful.


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Still bewhiskered and not looking a day older!


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Never mind Mr Blessit @ CWW! What about a Living Stones reunion?

Who is that bewhiskered fellow on the geetar?

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