The Journey continues

tata.jpg  We returned this morning on the overnight train from Dindigul. It was a comfortable journey, however we had to wait at Dindigul because the train was two and a half hour late. It was an education to wait this long in an Indian Station. This is the start of the rainy season, so we moved to an area where we could find shelter, sitting in this area of the station, it was interesting to watch the rats scurry around the station. We  were introduced to the senior supervisor at the station who is a member of Abraham's church. He then duly told us that there was a problem further up the line, one of the engines had broken down and another had been duly dispatched to bring the train into the station. Willie quipped that it all sounded a bit like an episode from Thomas the Tank Engine. Well eventually the train turned up and we arrived back in Chennai to be met by Captain Thacker's driver. We were driven to the YWCA here in Chennai where we met up again with Erica and Lorna. Earlier on this morning I was able to spend a little time with Dr Shanti Davidar and hear a little more about her work with commercial sex workers. Shanti is doing an amazing work with women who find themselves trapped in the whole murky world of Prostitution. I hope to meet up with her for a short time on Monday to hear more about this work and to try and find an organisation in the UK that might  be willing to partner a particular programme. We also had a fascinating visit to the Sangita Charitable Trust. This is an amazing project touching the lives of over 60 children who have been rescued from various Forms of abuse and abandonment. Paul and Grace Moses are the two people who head up this amazing work. It was very moving to spend the afternoon with them and to learn of their vision and plans to develop a community of care for the most vulnerable members of society. Willie was struck with the commitment and the quality of work they had achieved with so meagre resources. They took us out to an amazing site which they purchased two and half years ago by the help of an American church in San Jose, unfortunately they are unable to continue the support. Never the less they have purchased for the orphanage a quite remarkable site, which has amazing potential to change the lives of children and their families. We left feeling in awe of this quite extraordinary couple. I do hope that we will be able to find some way to give them support and encouragement regarding their vision. On the way back from the orphanage we got stuck in a traffic jam and arrived just after seven o'clock, we finished the evening off by taking Erica and Lorna out for a meal to a Chinese Restaurant. We had a great laugh, both girls are doing wonderfully well. They are in great spirits and thoroughly enjoying their stay here in Chennai. Both Captain Thacker and Raj are taking great care of them. As I write this blog I have just heard that Air France have been on strike for the past five days, so we are wondering if this will make any difference to our flights home. We'll just have to make some enquiries in the morning. I hope to be able to do a live link up with church tomorrow morning so lookout for us all taking some part in St Andrew's service tomorrow  morning. Tomorrow we hope to have been able to visit the leprosy colony and take them some food before connecting with the service. At 4.00pm our time in India and 10.30am your time in the UK.  Oh and make sure you turn the clocks back tonight, you'll get an extra hour in bed. Well I'm off to bed, we've an early start in the morning .

Posted By: Jackie   On: 28 Oct 2007   At: 3:04pm

Its just amazing how God connects people,  like this morning at St Andrews connecting with India.    When I was in Peru David Main was in our workparty, (Lornas Dad)  God connected Peru with India with Bo’ness.  How wonderful is that???


Posted By: Kate   On: 28 Oct 2007   At: 2:17pm

Sorry Willie and you missed our link up this morning but David, helen and I were delighted to see our ‘babies’ in such good health and positive spirits.God is Blessing their journey and your. Safe home Kate


Posted By: Helen and David Main   On: 27 Oct 2007   At: 11:53pm

Many thanks for taking time in your busy schedule to write all about it and to give us insight into a much different world from ours.  Please pass on our thanks to Captain Thacker and Pastor Raj and his wife and family for taking such good care of Lorna and Erica.


Posted By: James Hogg   On: 27 Oct 2007   At: 9:29pm

I should really spell check before hitting submit comment.


Posted By: James Hogg   On: 27 Oct 2007   At: 9:28pm

Accordong to this <A>site</a> the strike is supposed to last till all of monday, though if you can get to paris you should be ok as the flight from Paris to Edinburgh is with a Air France franchise and should not be affected.

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