The Mountains Were Shaking

[youtube][/youtube]An emergency appeal for Haiti has been launched by Christian Aid . A major earthquake struck the country a couple of days ago. Thousands of people are dead, or buried alive and some have said there could be hundreds of thousands left homeless. No one really knows the extent of the damage but it looks extensive. Major damage to key water, electricity and road systems will make the need for outside help all the more urgent. I'm glad that Christian Aid is able to move so quickly to these areas and offer help. I find it all so challenging people running two and fro frightened and bewildered. One man was driving in his car only to find he had to get out of the car and flea for his life as the mountains seemed to be falling in on him. For tsuch people it is the end of the world. The end of their world as they know it. Please God help us all never to be so calis as to go on with our everyday lives ignoring the fact that people have lost everything. It puts our complaining about the cold weather in perspective. It should also make us people who are generous and thoughtful when it comes to serving and understanding the needs of those who through no fault of their own find themselves depending on our generosity. I remember when the earthquake struck in Ica in peru in 2008 many were glad that the Vine Trust was able to release resources to feed the children. Christian Aid no doubt will be doing the same thing.
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